Giving Thanks

I’m thankful for the weather. I’m thankful for the sun as it warms me up, I’m thankful for the rain as it cools me down, I’m thankful for the snow as it turns familiar places into new adventures.

I’m thankful for the mountains. I’m thankful for the trees. I’m thankful for the rivers, lakes and oceans.

I’m thankful for friends. Friends that run with me before the sun is up, friends that run over mountains with me, friends that ride or swim with me, friends that don’t question running when it’s raining and friends that understand the urge to travel by foot.

I’m thankful for racks full of shoes, wicking wool and body glide. Oh God I’m thankful for body glide.

And I’m really thankful that I remembered to bring my camera on all those trips this year.

One Response to Giving Thanks

  1. I give thanks I have you who appreciate your abilities yet constantly strive to challenge them, yet are sufficiently humble to know your gifts are special and not to be wasted.
    Happy Thanksgiving :)

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