…5 months later

So, I’ve been a bit absent. Other things were in the way!

After the previous post, in which I mention a nagging strained right soleus I was hobbled for a while – that afternoon I managed a 400m run and 400m hop home, before taking a 2 week break… then on my first run back I twisted an ankle so took another 2 week break.

Meanwhile in other parts of my life things were tumultuous as we had just received news that our national training centre in Montréal was shutting it’s doors on March 31st, 2014, so that meant I needed to spent some time finding other employment.

As these things continued Christin and I decided to move out of our apartment and she moved back to Vancouver to get some school done. So that left me jobless, with my girlfriend living 3,684km away (exactly) and unable to plan for a future race since I was unsure of my future!

Winter view from Mt. RoyalI actually ended up with a lot of running in December, since I had nothing else to do, but following that had some travel to Australia (you’d think I’d run more since it was warm, but without a goal I am not good at motivating myself!). February has been pretty cold this year – looking back at my training logs from the previous year it’s about 15 degrees celsius colder than last year!

Which all comes to now, and actually March 4th was a good day; Christin was visiting for a few days, I finally have a job lined up for post March 31st* and I found out that both Elliot and I are officially into the Knee Knacker race on July 12th in Vancouver.

So now things are coming back together and I have a clear direction again. It feels good!

*EDIT – for those in the swimming world; FNQ agreed in December to continue my program until the end of August. Remember; this is a blog about running, so the impetus  for this post was the Knee Knacker lottery results from March 3rd!




4 Responses to …5 months later

  1. So awesome that you both got into Knee Knacker! Now, get training…!

    PS: Everything works out as it’s supposed to. :)

  2. Haha, use Strava then you can see how everyone is training – you have an account now!

  3. Jonathan Toker

    Hi Tom,

    Would you have any interest in racing this with me? I think we could make a good team, and I am actively seeking a teammate.


    Here is my result profile: http://www.athlinks.com/athletes/jontoker/Profile


  4. Hey Jonathan,

    Certainly interested but I have zero experience with this kind of race. If you’re looking for someone that can keep up for the 6 hours I can probably be a good candidate, but if you’re looking for someone that’s done this before I would be bad… let me know and I will find someone to cover for me that day.

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